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Honu Cove Press


Turtle in the Reef

Honu is the Hawaiian name for the Hawaiian Green sea turtle. They are considered a symbol of longevity, safety, and mana (spiritual energy) in Hawaiian culture and their presence brings good luck and peace. The Honu is considered a form of aumakua or ancestral spirit offering lifelong protection, wisdom and guidance. Honu's swim and thrive in the coves or small sheltered bays they inhabit. 


Honu Cove Press was created in the spirit and energy of the great Honu.


And just like a cove provides Honu with a safe and bountiful environment, Honu Cove Press embraces that same symbiotic relationship as analogous to that of a publisher and its writers.

Honu Cove Press publishes burgeoning writers looking to inspire and question antiquated beliefs with words and ideas that are edgy on the surface but are much deeper in the still currents of subtext.


Founded in Hawaii and Encinitas in 2023 by Alponko Lokha, and launched with a small group of celebrated writers who personify our vision to be useful stewards of creation. Honu Cove Press maintains an editorial board that makes its selections for publishing.



Honu Cove Press was established for writers and creatives to have an environment to thrive. We look for writers that inspire and invite us to reach higher and be better through their provocative and disruptive works.


Honu Cove Press cultivates a literary habitat teeming with possibilities and encourages collaborations with other art forms.

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